Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting to Key West Was Just As Fun

Three Chevy teams, plus others who traveled in their own cars, came together for the main tweetup at The Rum Barrel. Photo by @vicequeenmaria,
Key West is 180 miles from Miami and what with gas prices this year, plus some folks not too keen on being behind the wheel for a long drive, it was a good thing when GM Southeast stepped in to help out with transportation. (Read a wrap-up of the full SxSe event here.)

Those interested in car pooling were asked to leave a comment on the blog, although most people just contacted organizer @vicequeenmaria directly. SxSe ended up with three carpool teams and each one got a Chevy with a full tank of gas.

The Chevy Gazelles (so named because two of them are over 40 and were once pounced upon like innocent prey by a 24-year old guy at a bar), took a Chevy Equinox down to Key West with the XM Radio tuned to the 80's station the whole time. @Vicequeenmaria chauffeured @janiec and @szeliu.

A little rain in Florida City didn't stop @szeliu from tweeting. Photo by @janiec.

The B-Stings, led by @hrb2008 and her hubbie, packed a Chevy Traverse with four road trippin' friends. They even made their own tshirts!  The B-Stings were @hrb2008, @tashanicole516, @jbreun01, @kram_ber, @cradi and @valerieradi.

Four of The B-Stings pictured here.  Photo by @hrb2008.

@Soulofmiami drove @thepumagirl and @antjphotog in a Chevy Equinox dubbed the Soulmobile.

The Soulmobile leaving the 7 Mile Bridge.  Photo by @soulofmiami.
Once we were in Key West, we didn't really need to use our cars, but having a sweet, comfortable ride on the way there and back was a real treat.  The Florida Keys isn't just a place; it's a state of mind. There's no need to rush to Key West. Some people find that three-hour drive tedious, but it's not if you do it SxSe style.

There's no need to rush back to Miami either.  The B-Stings had to leave late Saturday, but The Chevy Gazelles and The Soulmobile squeezed as much as they could out of Sunday, spending hours getting back to Miami. The two teams stopped at Porky's BBQ for lunch and Holiday Isle for refreshment.

We all pretty much drove round-trip with one tank of gas!


During the weekend, GM Southeast was keeping an eye on tweets tagged #chevysxse to see who was posting car-related adventures.

@soulofmiami won a $100 gift card for BEST OVERALL TWEET.

@janiec won a $50 gift card for BEST PHOTO TWEET.

Evidence that the Chevy Gazelles made it to Key West. Photo by @janiec.
@hrb2008 and @vicequeenmaria were tied for FUNNIEST TWEET. Each also won a $50 gift card.

The winners were picked by GM Southeast's great staff. Many thanks to them all for their continued support of South Florida's social media community!