Monday, September 24, 2012

Schedule of Events

Tiki Bar at Key Largo Hilton
Friday, September 28
Gather at the hotel Waves tiki bar around 4 PM.  Bar closes at sundown.  The hotel is providing us with  complimentary sangria and select hors d'oeuvres during happy hour.

Beach party to follow at the hotel with a bonfire and casual grill, live music and s'mores (food and drink non-complimentary after happy hour).

Saturday, September 29 
Fun and relaxation by the pool or beach. Free parasailing and other water sports discounts available. Details here. Remember, this is an unconference so you can do whatever you want!

Saturday evening
Tweetup at Pilot House starting at 5 PM with awesome Pirate's Booty cocktails and regular happy hour specials.  Click here for details.

Sunday, September 30
We'll figure out what we want to do before we retire on Saturday night.

Click here for breakfast, lunch and dinner options at the Key Largo Hilton.

As always, follow #sxse and @sxse for last-minute details!

Just a reminder, save for complimentary items, everyone is responsible for their own bills. Thank you kindly.

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