Monday, September 24, 2012

Tweetup at the Pilot House


This year's tweetup will take place on Saturday, September 29 at the Pilot House Marina and Glass Bottom Bar, starting at 5 PM.  Yes, that's right you can look down and sea fish and other marine critters while you sip a cocktail!

And it won't be any ordinary cocktail ...  Owner Don Brown created Pirate's Booty, which won the 2006 International Cane Spirits Cocktail Competition in Ybor City.  Brown himself will oversee the mixing so that all the proper ingredients and ratios are used. Cost is $4 per Pirate's Booty drink all night for SxSe attendees.

Brown claims "it's 30% rum so it's a kick ass cocktail and believe me ... women love it!"  We have the recipe to share later.

We'll also enjoy other regular happy hour specials until 7 PM. Music starts at 7 PM with Steve Venini and goes until 10.

Afterwards, if we feel like it, we can hang out at another local's favorite, the world famous Caribbean Club.

If you are staying at the Key Largo Hilton, meet at the lobby around 4:45 so we can share taxi rides.  The hotel may be able to provide us with a limited shuttle service. We're working on the details.  As always, follow @sxse for last-minute updates.

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