Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Haz Schwag Bags!

sxse schwag bags
zOMG! Y'all! Look at the amazing hand-sewn and lovingly crafted bags by @brendajos! Do you know of any supporters who will help us fill them up? Already, @Anniescostumes is going to give us some sartorial treats!

A bazillion thanks to @brendajos for the effort ... the bags alone will be a really unique SxSe gift. You gotta love the @preppydude-inspired argyle!

Thanks also go out to Mind Active Media and PALO! for supporting SxSe. Don't forget! We're accepting matching donations to make the PALO! concert happen on April 17th. This is hands-spank-me-down the grooviest Afro-Cuban Funk band in town. It's going to be a great Little Havana night -- what with super delicious Cuban eatz at Versailles and @vicequeenmaria going on and on about local history and everything ... please do join us!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Support the PALO! Show

We're planning a wonderful, culturally rich evening in the heart of Miami's Little Havana district on Friday, April 17. We'll start with dinner at famous Cuban restaurant Versailles, followed by some awesome Cuban Afro-funk music by PALO! at Kimbaracumbara music lounge down the street. Club owner Fabio has agreed to open doors for us and Steve Roitstein, musical director of PALO! has generously offered to gather his musicians for a special performance.

A full bar will be available at the usual reasonable prices. A refreshing mojito will be a must at this cozy, intimate venue!

We made a genuine effort to get sponsors so that this performance would be completely free of charge, but that fell through. (Many thanks to @JamiMiami for trying -- she rocks!) The thing is, we gotta cover basic costs for the musicians.

@Preppydude has stepped up to the plate with $200 out of his own pocket to support the show. Let's each pitch in $10 minimum to match and make it happen! If you can, please pay via the Chipin widget before April 17. All funds will go directly to the band's Paypal account. Otherwise, it'll be $10 at the door.

For those of you who have never experienced Cuban food and culture, you're in for a real treat. PALO!'s music is funky, jazzy and fun and features an outstanding vocalist accompanied by great saxophone, keyboards and percussion. Many of us local tweets have quickly become fans. Listen to some samples on PALO!'s website.

Friday, March 13, 2009

SxSe Information Central

This blog still needs a few finishing touches, but basically, all the information you need about SxSe is here! Please check the links on the right.   Don't forget to hashtag your tweets #sxsemia.

See you in April!