Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Haz Schwag Bags!

sxse schwag bags
zOMG! Y'all! Look at the amazing hand-sewn and lovingly crafted bags by @brendajos! Do you know of any supporters who will help us fill them up? Already, @Anniescostumes is going to give us some sartorial treats!

A bazillion thanks to @brendajos for the effort ... the bags alone will be a really unique SxSe gift. You gotta love the @preppydude-inspired argyle!

Thanks also go out to Mind Active Media and PALO! for supporting SxSe. Don't forget! We're accepting matching donations to make the PALO! concert happen on April 17th. This is hands-spank-me-down the grooviest Afro-Cuban Funk band in town. It's going to be a great Little Havana night -- what with super delicious Cuban eatz at Versailles and @vicequeenmaria going on and on about local history and everything ... please do join us!

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