Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Supporters

SxSe is really a Miami party for a group of friends who stay in touch via Twitter, yet a few folks have stepped in to help us make this an even better tweet-up than we could possibly imagine! We'd love to thank you ... so here goes:

Annie's Costumes
(@ShariMcConahay) is providing some goodies for our schwag.

Mind Active Media, (@preppydude) is helping with a donation to support the PALO! concert, not to mention being part of the organizing "committed" ... (we'd call it a committee, but that would be WAY too formal and boring).

Miami Tour Company is offering complementary tours to our attendees and Miami Beach 411 (@miamibeach411) will help out with transportation logistics.

PALO! (@gopalo) has scheduled a special musical performance for us on Friday, even though they have a busy schedule that weekend. We look forward to some Afro-Cuban funk goodness!

Stormhoek Wines (@stormhoek) is donating some wine, which we will consume and/or share as gifts. And if you miss Miami too much (as you most likely will), a Gaping Void (@gapingvoid) South Beach print will make an excellent souvenir.

Last, but not the very least, are great folks like @brendajos, @dearyvette and @preppydude, who are helping put everything together. @dearyvette and @preppydude have been instrumental in planning and @brendajos has sewn some wonderful schwag bags. Oh, and I hear @vicequeenmaria kind of did a thing or two, maybe putting this blog together with crazy glue ... who knows what that girl is up to!

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