Saturday, May 29, 2010

SxSe Talk: From @mkohpotts

 Online friendships made real. Hanging out in the poolside cabana at the Hyatt Pier 66.  Photo via @mkohpotts.

The lovely @mkohpotts wrote a recap of her experience at SxSe. If you've ever wondered about the positive side of Twitter, which creates community, check it out:
The year was 2008. We’d been tweet-tweet-tweeting more than a year… and a plan was hatched quietly in the tweet-o-sphere… friends who wanted to meet in person… why not converge on Miami all at the same time?

And SXSE was born. SXSE is not a conference. It’s not trying to compete with other conferences or to be a social media guru breeding ground (actually in 2008 I don’t think we had any idea social media gurus were even coming). Nope! It’s a time and place for Twitter friends to meet in real life. To find, as I usually do, that people’s personalities match the people they are online (people’s Twitter selves may be even more real than the person they are in their regular “real lives”). My Twitter friends are not just “tweeps” — they are real friends, whether I’ve met them yet or not. Meeting them in person just helps add that extra dimension to our friendship.
 Read lots more about the weekend's adventures at iAmpersandi:  Rockin' South Florida @SxSe

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